• Photo by Michael Benton

    Seattle Great WheelNOW OPEN!Photo by Michael Benton

  • Photo by Jay Dotson Photography

    Seattle Great WheelNOW OPEN!Photo by Jay Dotson Photography

  • Photo by David (Safdave)

    Seattle Great WheelNOW OPEN!Photo by David (Safdave)

  • Photo by Mike Hogan

    Seattle Great WheelNOW OPEN!Photo by Mike Hogan



The Seattle Great Wheel



Winter Operating Hours effective September 30th 2013  through June 2014 :

Monday-Thursday: 11am-10pm

Friday: 11am-Midnight

Saturday: 10am-Midnight

Sunday: 10am-10pm


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About the Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel was built in less than a year, but its story goes back much further than that. Seattle businessman Hal Griffith had envisioned a Ferris wheel in the city for nearly 30 years, but it wasn't until he realized he could build one on his own pier that his dream became a reality.

The Seattle Great Wheel opened to the public on June 29, 2012. Since then, it has become an icon of the city and a destination for tourists and locals alike.

Here are some fun facts about the Seattle Great Wheel:

  • The Seattle Great Wheel is the largest observation wheel on the west coast, standing 175 feet tall.
  • The wheel has 42 fully-enclosed gondolas. 41 white gondolas each seat up to eight adults.  Cabin #42, the VIP cabin, has leather bucket seats, a stereo system, glass bottom floor, and can seat up to 4 adults.  In total, the wheel can hold over 300 passengers at any given time.
  • The wheel was manufactured in various parts of Europe and the United States, and assembled right at the end of the pier.
  • The wheel extends nearly 40 feet beyond the end of the pier, over Elliott Bay.
  • The Seattle Great Wheel is open year round. With fully-enclosed gondolas and a covered waiting area, the rain can't stop the wheel from spinning!
  • The Wheel weighs 280,300 pounds.
  • 550 tons of concrete were poured to create the foundation for the wheel.

Hours of Operation October through June:

Monday-Thursday      11 AM-10 PM

Friday                         11 AM-Midnight

Saturday                     10 AM-Midnight

Sunday                       10 AM-10 PM


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